In the ALM Equity Group we work in all facets of the real estate industry. The Group includes companies active in real estate development, construction management, property management, financing and digital communication.

The broad base makes ALM Equity a stable player with the ability to adapt its offerings to the market’s demand and needs. The Group possesses competence in all facets of the process. This means that ALM Equity can tailor its projects to fit the market and the target group. Close co-operation and frequent dialogue with both internal and external parties create favourable conditions to deliver attractive project.


The group is divided into five business areas:



In Project Development there are several brands to increase the number of shares in the housing market. Projects are processed from analysis at an early stage to completion and great emphasis is placed on conceptualization.



Business area Construction Management contains competence in areas such as planning, purchasing and production. In the capacity of co-ordinator sub-contractors and co-operation partners are procured to satisfy orders received.



There are several brands to cater to different forms of rental and management of housing and other premises, to companies as well as private individuals.



This business area creates and develops different types of financing solutions for the needs of the Group. Focus is on efficient processes with few intermediaries, where both borrowers and investors are winners.



Business area Digital Services is under development and today has a communications platform that facilitates communications with companies as well as associations. The platform is mobile and in addition to features for sharing economy it has a great recognition factor from well-known social networks.